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Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil

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Our cleansing oil is based on the OCM method, i.e. the Oil Cleansing Method. OCM is a gentle form of cleaning where only oils are used as a cleaning method. Oil dissolves oil.


This oil cleans the skin of excess sebum (the skin's own fat) and make-up.

Thanks to Geranium EO, it has a balancing effect on the skin, it is therefore suitable for all skin types, whether you have dry or oily skin.

If you cannot tolerate essential oils, you should avoid this oil and look out for our unscented version coming in the fall.

This cleansing oil can also be used as a protective oil for the ends and lengths before washing. Distribute a pump of oil in the hair lengths before washing to protect your hair during shampooing. 

100 ml

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med cleansing oil vårdar du huden med naturliga ingredienser direkt från naturens skafferi


We recommend only cleansing the skin in the evening. In the morning, simply rinse your skin with water only. You can alternatively wash with ours cellulose fungi to capture excess sebum in the sponges.
Wet your face a little and pump one to two pumps of oil into your palms. Massage over the face, starting from the forehead and massaging downwards, working in the direction of the lymph. Massage in circular motions from the inside out.
It is the massage itself that dissolves the fat and dirt from the skin in combination with the oil, if you have more make-up or oilier skin, you can benefit from massaging a little more and for longer.
Catch the oil with cellulose sponges, always use the cellulose sponges to ensure you get all the oil and dirt from the skin.
If you have problems with clogged skin, you can try using ours Outmeal & Lavender soap after you have cleaned your face with oil, lather up the soap in the cellulose sponges and clean the skin with the sponges in circular motions.
The soap is overfatted and contains beneficial oils that neither irritate nor dry out the skin. The soap is free of essential oils and very mild.
You can also use the soap to clean your cellulose sponges.
naturlig hudvård från naturen skafferi. vårda huden med eko oljor.

OCM - oil cleansing method

OCM stands for Oil Cleansing Method, which is a facial cleansing technique that focuses on using oils instead of traditional cleansing products. The method is based on the principle that "like dissolves like", which means that oils can dissolve and remove excess oil, dirt, makeup and other impurities from the skin.
To use the OCM technique, you need a cleansing oil or a mixture of oils adapted to the face. The oil is applied to dry skin and gently massaged into the skin in circular motions. By massaging the oil on the skin, dirt and makeup are dissolved and bound to the oil.
The advantage of the OCM technology is that it not only cleans the skin, but can also help to moisturize and balance the skin. The oil acts as a natural humectant and can help preserve the skin's natural oil balance. In addition, OCM can be gentler on the skin than some traditional cleansing products that can be drying or irritating.
100% ekologisk vattenfri hudvård

About the product

The product has been developed to suit most skin types, it is cleansing and balancing.
rapeseed oil, is a dry-semi-dry, mild, emollient oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin and is best for sensitive and dry skin. Rapeseed oil is also suitable for eczema and inflammation as it relieves itching and skin irritations.
thistle oil, is a dry oil that quickly penetrates the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and elastic. Thistle oil is rich in linoleic acid, which in turn enables the body to produce GLA and prostaglandins
jojoba oil, Jojoba oil balances sebum production and is therefore suitable for everything from dry to oily skin. Contains provitamin A and vitamin E.
Olive oil, The olive oil is a fairly oily oil that is absorbed slowly by the skin. The oil has traditionally been used to treat various skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis, but also for burns and cracked or chapped skin.
Olive oil is rich in omega-9 and vitamin E.
Rose geranium essential oil Suitable for all skin types as it regulates both dry and oily skin.
Works balancing and can therefore be used on most skin types.
The product is vegan friendly.

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Inci: Brassica napus seed oil*(Rapeseed oil),Carthamus Tinctorius*(Safflower oil),Olea europaea*(Olivoil),Simmondsia chinensis seedoil*(Jojobaoil),Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*(GeraniumEO), Limonene**, Linalool**, Citronellol**, Geranio*l*, Citral**, Eugenol**.
**natural components of essential oil


Förvara gärna på en sval plats, under +25°C som är skyddad från direkt solljus.