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Cellulose sponge

Cellulose sponge

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Discover the power of a natural cleaning sponge made from cellulose! This amazing sponge is perfect for cleansing the skin and removing make-up, while being gentle on your skin.

Together with our organic oil-based cleansing oil you can achieve clean and fresh skin in a quick and easy way. Our cleaning sponge is made of high-quality cellulose and has a diameter of 8cm, which makes it easy to handle and use.

Say goodbye to chemical cleaning products and choose our natural cleaning sponge instead! It is gentle on both your skin and the environment, and gives you a clean and radiant complexion every day. Buy now and discover the difference for yourself!
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När du jobbar med svampen i ansiktet tänkt på att jobba uppifrån ned över ansiktet. Då tar vi även i beaktande kropps lymfsystem och hjälper till med detoxifieringen i ansiktet.


When the mushroom comes to you, it may be dried and hard. Soak it in warm water and it will become soft.
The sponge should be moist when you use it.

When working with the sponge on the face, think about working from top to bottom across the face. Then we also take into account the body's lymphatic system and help with the detoxification of the face.

Iron from the center out to the sides.
In the meantime, rinse the sponge if it feels like it is collecting a lot of dirt or oil.
Never leave a sponge unwashed after cleaning. By washing the sponge after each use, you reduce the risk of bacteria.

Wash the sponge with spring Oatmeal & Lavendel soap or alternatively ours Hair snap - Nettle & Rosemary, as rosemary can help act as a bactericidal agent.

You can also regularly boil your mushroom for a minute or so to kill all the bacteria. Alternatively, you can also wash the sponge in a laundry bag at 40°C in a washing machine. We recommend that you change your sponge every two months.