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Flower Water - Rosemary

Flower Water - Rosemary

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Experience enchanting freshness with our Flower Water Rosemary – an organic rosemary hydrosol that reminds us of herb gardens. With a slightly spicy and herbal scent, this hydrolate is cleansing, stimulating and antiseptic.

Specially formulated for tired, dull, impure or acne-prone skin, this rosemary hydrosol provides a refreshing boost to your skincare routine. Its mild and gentle nature also makes it perfect as an aftershave or for treating the scalp.

Give yourself the natural care you deserve with our Flower Water Rosemary and let its refreshing properties lift your skin and senses to new heights.

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Flower water, also known as neroli water, flower water, flower water hydrolate is a popular ingredient in beauty routines due to its beneficial properties for the skin. Here are some simple steps to use neroli water as a facial toner:

-Cleanse your face: Start by cleaning your face thoroughly to remove dirt, oil and makeup. Use a mild cleansing product that suits your skin type.

-Apply the facial water: Spray the neroli water on your face and neck or apply it with a cotton pad by gently patting it into the skin. Be sure to cover your entire face and avoid getting it in your eyes.

-Go straight on with a facial oil: Even though the skin may feel moist or even wet, take your facial oil and apply it directly after you spray your skin with toner. In this way, we avoid unnecessary moisture loss and we can encapsulate the moisture in the skin as the oil forms a veil over the moisture.

Moisturize and balance the skin: Neroli water has natural properties that help hydrate and balance the skin. It can help reduce redness, soothe irritation and provide a fresh feeling.

You can use neroli water as a facial toner morning and night as part of your daily skin care routine. It is a gentle and natural product that suits most skin types. Remember that it can be good to do a patch test on a small part of the skin to see if you have any sensitivity or allergic reaction before applying it to the whole face.

About the product

Dive into the world of organic flower water hydrolates and discover the enchanting process behind their production!

To create these natural beauty waters, the journey begins with organic flowers that are carefully harvested to capture their purest essence. After harvesting, the flowers undergo a steam distillation process, where the steam extracts the beneficial compounds from the flowers.

The resulting steam distillate is separated into two parts: the essential oil and the water. This is where the organic flower water hydrolate is created – a mild and gentle residual product that retains many of the flower's beneficial properties.

This gentle method ensures that the nutrients and fragrance of the flowers are preserved, giving you an organic flower water filled with natural freshness and benefits for your skin and well-being. So, give yourself the natural beauty of the flowers and embrace the wonderful world of organic flower waters!

Vill du lära dig mer?

Vill du lära dig mer
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Produkten är veganvänlig.

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Rosmarinus officinalis*(rosemary flower water)
100% natural
100% organic
This product is vegan friendly


Förvara gärna svalt för längre hållbarhet och på en solskyddad plats.

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