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Arm, Face & Scalp BLISS By I'M Nordic Eco Cosmetics

Arm, Face & Scalp BLISS By I'M Nordic Eco Cosmetics

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Welcome to our Arm, Face and Scalp BLISS treatment,

a 45-minute journey to relaxation and well-being.

Before we begin, let us guide you through the wonderful experience that awaits you.

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Upon arrival, we greet you warmly and create a relaxed atmosphere. We wish you to arrive at the appointed time and that you have removed all jewelry.
Before the treatment starts, we discuss your wishes and focus points together to tailor the experience to your needs.
We introduce the fantastic products that will be used.
The treatment:
After we've tucked you in and you're comfortably in bed, we'll open up with a warm towel over the décolleté to create a calm start.
Together we do a breathing exercise to relax.
We use warm damp towels over both arms to soften and prepare the skin.
One of the highlights of the treatment is our scrub with Himalayan salt and Epsom salt, which gives your skin a silky feel and a variety of minerals that work right down to the muscle level. The salt scrub is applied to the forearms, elbows and the back of the hands.
We follow up with a relaxing massage with a massage oil of your choice, tailored to your wishes to either relieve pain, swelling, provide a stress-relieving effect or for general well-being and relaxation.
A light facial cleansing prepares your face for a facial massage with our massage techniques.
Your scalp is massaged with or without oil and a refreshing dose of Flower Water gives you a fresh feeling and completes the experience.
with or without oil and a refreshing dose of Flower Water gives you a fresh feeling and completes the experience. We finish the treatment with light pressure and stroking to gently awaken you from your relaxed state.
We offer you something refreshing to drink and optional snacks to gradually return to everyday life. You can book it in advance in our booking system free of charge.
After the relaxed moment, we are happy to discuss our products, and if something in particular catches your interest, we have them for sale so that you can bring this well-being home with you.
You will receive your personal well-being card after the treatment, which contains both product presentation and tips on how to promote holistic skin health, the card is signed by our therapist.
Let's create a memorable moment of relaxation and beauty together. We look forward to taking care of you during our Arm, Face and Scalp BLISS treatment.
Also note that we offer you peace and quiet during the treatment. Tick the option when booking, and we will take it into account from your very first moment with us - so that you can relax and enjoy a peaceful experience.

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