Tvätta håret med äkta hårdtvål

Wash your hair with real harsh soap

Washing your hair with a harsh hair soap


All our soaps are handcrafted hard soaps. 


Tvål på en tvålpåse


Many people ask, is it actually possible to wash your hair with a soap, does it not get tangled, but the fact is that real artisanal soap can make both hair and skin healthier when you use it correctly - and it's also environmentally friendly and cheap! In this Guide, we go through how to wash your hair with genuine artisanal soap.


 1. Wet your hair as usual

 2. Rub the soap onto the scalp/hair roots and work up a lather. Massage the scalp thoroughly with the lather and then rinse thoroughly. Please repeat one more time.

 3.  Finish with Acid Rinse. (blog post coming soon about how you can make your own acid rinse and how to use acid rinse for hair)

The acid rinse thus closes the surface layer of the hair and removes any soap residue. It makes hair smooth and shiny! (A bit like a conditioner but completely natural)


Store your soap on a loofah pillow so the soap can dry up properly between uses, this makes the soap last much longer.


bild av en hårdtvål som vilat på en luffakudde


Tips! If you have long hair, we don't actually need to wash the hair lengths and ends with soap, but perhaps instead need to think about protecting with something extra when washing. We recommend our Cleansing Oil, take one pump and distribute in dry hair before washing, distribute over the lengths and ends. In this way, the hair gets an extra protective "layer" and the soap does not work directly on the hair. Although the soap is very mild and re-greasing, it is good to protect the ends of the hair because they are very sensitive and often porous.

Wash your hair as usual and you will protect your ends from washing, resulting in well-groomed ends.


bild av cleansing oil som går att använda i håret


All our soaps are suitable for hair, body and hand washing. You just have to choose your favorite!

Benefits of washing your hair with real soap


  • Moisturizes and re-greases naturally. Many common shampoos contain synthetic sulfates that easily dry out both hair and scalp. When you instead wash with saponified oils in a soap, you get both natural glycerin that moisturizes and a softer lather that doesn't wash as clean and doesn't get as dry. We really don't need strong surfactants to make our hair both look and feel clean. With regular shampoos, we often disturb the skin's and hair's own protective barriers.
  • Balances the scalp. Many people today have problems with itchy and dry scalp, perhaps even with dandruff or so dry that it feels like dandruff. Many people who replace their regular shampoo with a hair soap get rid of these problems and balance their scalp because some of the hair's natural oils are left behind.
  • Practical to take with you. A soap weighs very little and can easily fit in the toiletry bag, our soaps are packaged in an aluminum box that can also be advantageously used as a soap cup.
  • Environmentally friendly. A soap contains no unnecessary water, no unnecessary additives that can negatively affect animal life or nature, nor any substances harmful to health, nature loves hard soap!
  • Skip the plastic. Soaps do not need to be packed in plastic, and in addition we avoid a large part of unnecessary plastic!


Another hair tip we recommend is away method, it consists of brushing preferably 100 times every day in dry hair.


bild av en kvinna när hon borstar håret


Also brush your hair before washing your hair.

During the transition period, you may experience that the hair overproduces sebum and by brushing the hair, you get the blood circulation going and you also brush out the sebum in the lengths, which helps lubricate the hair naturally and gives an incredibly fine shine. By brushing a lot, you create a good scalp environment. Also, please brush properly in the evening so that the bristles have time to absorb the grease during the night. 

We therefore recommend that you preferably wash your hair in the morning.


The transition period:

If you have previously used "regular" shampoos that contain SLS (a strong surfactant) or hair products with e.g. silicones, the transition period may be felt more.
If your hair is damaged, for example by colouring/blonding, the hair will perhaps feel a little more greasy for anything from a couple of weeks to a month. But don't despair, there are some natural detox cures you can try for your hair to speed up the transition period. 
What you also need to consider with hard soap is that you may need to process more by massaging compared to a "regular" shampoo that cleans chemically.


bild av en hårdtvål


Detox the hair with rasullera:

Feel free to do a wrap with Rasullera before you start using soap to wash your hair. Residues of old hair products are cleaned out and the hair is made ready for more natural hair washing. Rasullera detox also reduces the risk of greasy and streaky hair during the transition period. You can find rasullera in selected stores and webshops. 


Through my own experience and feedback from others who have succeeded with hair soap, they think their hair feels so much better and that they have much less problems with the scalp, which makes it absolutely worth trying. To be able to wash your hair once or twice a week with an environmentally friendly product that is also made in Finland, there are not many people who refuse to try!

Good luck!

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