Skincare layering

Skincare layering

Work in layers to "build" strong skin.


Apply skin care in the right order


We all have some kind of skin care routine we carry out, but many may not know the purpose behind why we do what we do.

There is a skin care trend called "Layering", which we at I'M Nordic Eco Cosmetics absolutely love! So you don't need 10 different products for your skin, but you can dress up your skin with just 2-3 products. Layering therefore means that you put skin care in layers, like wearing clothes in several layers.

With skincare layering, this means that you put the thinnest products first and build on with the "thicker and fatter" products.

Kvinna står i badrummet och tar hand om sin hud, hon applicerar ansiktsvatten i pump spray format


Everyone's skin has different needs, and even if you have a certain skin type, it does not mean that you have the same skin type over the years or during a year, we can easily get imbalances of various kinds and especially in winter, many people can feel that the skin becomes extra low in moisture due to the cold and dry air, but the skin can be understood throughout the year  also changes due to other factors. 

In general, most people usually experience that the skin can be better during the summer, but even then you can experience different skin conditions when the skin does not feel so well, e.g. from sunscreens, the sun, etc..


en hand håller i en cellulosa svamp under rinnande vatten


Putting skin care in the right order

 We get a lot of questions about the order in which it is most correct to  apply their skin care products.

Remember to always start with the "lightest" product and transition and finish with the "fattest".


One of the most common arrangements is


Face water / toner / hydrolat - these provide moisture to the skin and are usually in liquid form.

Serum - is usually a moisturizer or/and a vitamin boost for the skin, usually packed with active substances.   

Cream - it provides both moisture and fat

Facial oil - gives the skin an extra protected barrier (think in the form of a rain jacket but which does not clog the skin). It encapsulates all of the aforementioned so that they really have the opportunity to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the skin.

Facial oil is also very safe for the skin to use during the winter as it does not contain water and thus cannot freeze on the skin.



Why layering?

A big plus with layering is that with a few products you can maximize your skin with both moisture and fat and so you can work to build "layers" for the skin.

You can, for example, if you have low-moisture skin, apply moisture and then follow up with a serum/oil (fat) and then again build another layer, so after the first layer of moisture and fat, you can build another layer of moisture and fat if you feel your skin absorbs what you give it.

If you are really dry and the skin is low in moisture, we therefore recommend that you try to do moisture/fat layering, e.g. according to the following ;



"By encapsulating the moisture in the skin, we prevent the moisture from "holding in" and we then get a more moisturized skin"


But don't forget that sometimes less is more and if you need advice about your skin or which routine is recommended for you, you are always welcome to contact us via our chat, email or via our social media. 

kvinna tvättar sitt ansikte under rinnande vatten


In our skin care at I'M Nordic Eco, we only work with 100% organic products, which in itself means that we only work with pure oil mixtures. In this way, we can avoid all types of additives and therefore produce 100% pure products. 

We therefore do not manufacture creams because in creams you have mixed water with oils/fats etc. and then you need some form of preservative. We want to exclude that from our products because studies have shown that preservatives can disrupt the normal microflora on our skin.


In our skin care routine, you use the products in the following order for an evening routine.


1. Make-up remover
2. Cleansing oil
3. Flower water - Neroli 
4. Face oil


If your skin is dry, you can repeat the last 2 steps until you feel that your skin is saturated.

 kvinna rengör ansiktet med en olja

Before the coming winter, we have two new facial products coming up, we can reveal to you in this post..


The upcoming products are currently being tested and no final regulations have been made yet, but a moisture and vitamin-giving serum is on the way and a protective balm. Launch date will come up closer to winter. 


If you have questions or concerns, our own skin care therapist and founder of I'M Nordic Eco Cosmetics Paulina will be happy to help you choose the right products. 

Just get in touch, we're here with you on your way to radiant skin!

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