Revitalizing Massage & Body Oil ❤️

Revitalizing Massage & Body Oil ❤️

Revitalizing Massage & Body Oil ❤️

This body oil contains 5 effective essential oils that help the body cleanse, repair and revitalize.

The oil helps the connective tissue and the lymphatic system to be cleansed of toxins (poisons). It has a dampening effect on swelling and fluid accumulation and increases blood circulation.

Can be used as a body oil or massaged on the lymph nodes if needed. Also perfect to use on exposed areas such as swollen legs. The product is 100% organic and vegan friendly.

Many of us are there today, where our bodies are attacked by chemicals from the environment. Chemicals are around us constantly and whether we try to clean them ourselves, they are still there, more or less of course. Many of us can walk around with various symptoms in the body that can manifest themselves as migraines, vertigo, brain fog, fatigue, aches, fluid retention, etc..due to chemical overload. There are many who are/have been there and have to struggle with it every day, to be on the seesaw every day, try to fit in so that the body can withstand e.g. going to fill up the car or maybe staying in an environment with a lot of people..


The ingredient list is very short for the product but it is effective and supportive, you can read more about the contents here and how the essential oils work..


The sesame oil: Suitable for all skin types and penetrates well into the skin, especially good for dry skin as it contains Omega-6 which strengthens the skin.

Cedar: Is very effective for draining and stimulating the lymph. Grapefruit: Are purified and counteract fluid accumulation in the connective tissue, stimulate the lymph and blood circulation. Geranium: Balances the hormonal system and has cell renewal properties for the skin, and is hydrating. Ginger: Increases circulation, relieves swelling and inhibits inflammation. Juniper: Is detoxifying and cleansing for the whole body. It is diuretic and therefore helps against cellulite and to clean the connective tissue and lymph.


The oil will be available in sizes 10 ml and 50 ml, also larger packages for therapists, the small 10 ml bottle is practical to carry with you and when the body starts to feel droopy, you can easily smear yourself with a little oil to support the body, in addition it has a lovely earthy scent!

Or if you want to take the step and start living a more toxic-free life, then the oil is a good start for the body to start detoxing everything it has accumulated over the years.


This oil helps the body to cleanse, repair and support and help it regain its vitality.


Hope you will like ❤️

The product is awaiting its final label and will be available in the webshop in the near future 🤩😍 Stay tuned!

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