Facial Powder Mask

Facial Powder Mask

Facial Powder Mask


We love multifunctional products, in this post we go through our all in allo mask which you can use in so many different ways!


Powder Facial Mask is a unique facial mask in its combination of carefully selected ingredients. To support and revitalize the skin, this combination of:

  • Organically grown oats from Finland
  • Den finaste benit leran och
  • Organically grown finely ground aloe vera powder
mixed together. 


    It is a deeply moisturizing and purifying face/body mask, but you can also do an "armpit detox" with this mask! (More info comes further down)


    Suitable for all skin types but is especially good for those of you who feel that your skin is dry, low in moisture, has some inflammation or is gray and dull.


    INCI: Natural Sodium Bentonite (Betonite clay), Avena sativa (oat) Kernel Flour* (Colloidal Oatmeal), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder*(Aloevera leaf powder)
    All ingredients are vegan & certified organic except Natural Sodium Bentonite that are pure natural.


    The face mask is in powder form in the jar and you activate it by adding water, oil or honey, or alternatively a bit of all three.
    According to your skin's needs.

    Do this:

    • Stir together approx. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon face mask powder with 1 teaspoon water + alt. oil, honey. The powder swells a little on contact with liquid and you need a small amount because no thick layer is needed.
    • Apply the mask with fingers or a Fan brush on well-cleansed skin. Leave on for about 5-20 minutes (if you have mixed the face mask with water only, wash off the mask before it dries on the skin, the mask has time to dry on the skin, it absorbs moisture from the skin. If you want the mask to work longer, we recommend that you mix in a little oil or alternatively you spray ours Flower Water-Neroli on the mask so it doesn't dry.
    • Wash off the face mask with cleansing sponges or place a warm compress over it.
    • After the face mask, it is important that you follow up with moisture and oil, we recommend ours Flower Water- Neroli like moisture and spring Face Oil as fat.

    Different effects of different mixing methods

    Mix with water: A more deep cleansing effect. Effective time max 8-10 minutes

    Mix with oil: A more caring cleansing. Duration of action 10-15 minutes

    Mix with honey: A more gentle deep cleansing effect. Duration of action 15-20 minutes

    A combination of all of them gives a very pleasant peeling and mask combination.

    If you want to be sure that the skin is not affected by moisture loss, we recommend that you buy one silicon cover protection which helps to encapsulate and retain moisture in the skin.

    The mask has a mild scent of oatmeal and if you don't like scents, you can mix in a few drops of either our Massage Oil- Revitalizing or spring Cleansing Oil to hide the smell of the oatmeal if you like.



    The ingredients and their effect on the skin

    Colloidal oatmeal allows the skin to absorb the fine properties of the oats. The fact that oats are colloidal means that the oats have been broken down into small enough particles that the skin can absorb them. It has a proven moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. Can also help relieve itching, redness, swelling and eczema.

    Aloe vera is best known for its action on skin problems such as acne, burns, eczema, boils, psoriasis, insect bites, hair loss and rosacea. It also helps with wound healing, as it adds moisture and oxygen to the skin, reduces inflammation and neutralizes bacteria.

    Bentonitlera is a natural mineral clay consisting of decomposed volcanic ash. The clay makes a great face mask thanks to its absorbent capacity that helps the skin get rid of excess oil and impurities. It also removes dead skin cells and with advantage the face mask can also be used as a peeling.

    The clay mask is also good for reducing pores, it gives a fresh and smooth surface!

    You can also of course use the product in other places on the body, e.g. on dry areas of skin.

    It is absolutely lovely on, for example, cracked or dry hands/knuckles



    Facial powder mask as peeling

    Yes, you can absolutely use it as an exfoliator for your face. We recommend not peeling the skin on the face, we want to protect the natural microflora and not go to great lengths to destroy it, but the ways we peel the skin in holistic skin care are:


    Apply the mask and let it work, after the working time you can gently start making circular movements over the face with your fingers. In this way, you get a light peeling for the skin as well.

    Other ways to exfoliate the skin are to use icing sugar or honey. But we will cover that in another post where we go through peeling. 


    Facial Powder Mask som armpit detox

    Have you used a deo that contains some kind of chemicals and want to do an armpit detox?

    Then we warmly recommend trying the following to get impurities out of the skin and get an armpit free of chemicals faster.


    Scrub your armpit lightly and gently with our Salt Body Scrub, do this when your armpits are not completely freshly shaved as the salts can sting freshly shaved skin.

    After scrub, you apply our Facial Powder Mask which you mixed in the same conditions as when you make your face mask, here we recommend mixing only with water to get the greatest possible detox effect. If you have a very sensitive armpit, you can add some of ours Massage Oil- Revitalizing which also has a draining effect.

    Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. Here you can extend the duration of action to get a proper detox, just remember to moisturize afterwards.

    Wipe or rinse off the mask, spray ours Flower Water - Neroli in the armpit and massage in a little Massage Oil- Revitalizing. Avoid deo on the same day and your armpit will rest and breathe naturally.



    You can repeat this treatment if you want to detox the armpit and you don't always need to use the Salt scrub first. 

    During the first days after the treatment, you may notice that you smell a little more of sweat than normal, this usually subsides within a couple of days. It is only impact substances that want to leave the body.


    "Facial Powder Mask can be used as often as you like, it is so kind to your skin"


    Some tips

    For the easiest way to move the mask, we have Fan brush for sale in our webshop with which you simply stir the mask in a small bowl or in a glass. If you have problems with getting the mask smooth in texture, you can try mixing it with lukewarm water and not cold, if you want a cold face mask, you can put it in the fridge for a while after mixing, then it will be extra nice for you with warming skin redness , tanned skin, rosacea or for those who want a cooling face mask 🙂 

    If you have any further questions, you are always free to contact us! 

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