Ekologisk deo? Sommaren är en bra tid att börja tänka om

Organic deodorant? Summer is a good time to start rethinking

Organic deodorant? Summer is a good time to start rethinking

Our founder of I'M Nordic Eco, Paulina, who is both a beautician and hairdresser by training with a heart that burns for eco skin and hair care, we would like to clarify and teach you to think about this with deodorants. Why you should choose aluminum-free and why you should choose antiperspirants.


A deo is a product that should counteract the smell of sweat by either masking with perfume or counteracting bacteria in the armpits.

Most deodorants today are antiperspirants, i.e. they prevent sweating.

Unfortunately, sweating is something we see in today's society as disgusting, which I can think is a shame.


Some important points about sweating
  • Sweating regulates the body's temperature and cleansing (detox of waste products that the body needs to get rid of)
  • We sweat to cool down our skin
  • The sweat escapes from our sweat glands on the skin, it evaporates and then the body releases heat and cools down
  • Sweat contains water as well as sodium and chloride ions
  • It's not the sweat itself that smells bad, but the bacteria that thrive in a moist armpit.


When you use a regular antiperspirant that has the function of shutting down our natural sweating function, it is a chemically produced substance that clogs the sweat gland duct and thus reduces sweating.

One such substance is aluminum chlorohydrol or aluminum chloride.

Another common substance you can see in deodorants is triclosan, triclosan has a bactericidal effect and we can find it in many different places and not only in deos, e.g. workout clothes and toothpaste. The substance is very toxic to aquatic organisms and can also be stored in fatty tissue in both humans and animals. Triclosan can be broken down and can be both carcinogenic and hormone disrupting. Triclosan is seen worldwide and cannot be broken down in our treatment plants.


I personally don't feel comfortable using such topics. Today, we humans use such a large amount of chemicals, which to me feels a bit like a human experiment. 


Now on to organic and natural deodorants,
In the future, I will also write a post about organic vs. natural to clarify those concepts.
What is often seen in natural deodorants is Alum which also contains aluminum but of natural origin. It is questioned by many today and Alum is often seen in krisall and salt deos. Alum is said not to be able to be absorbed by the skin, so it is obviously a better alternative.


Personally, I want to avoid aluminum chloride, tricolosan and alum.


Today is 6 years since I changed my deo, today many days can go by without me even using some form of deo in the armpits.

When washing, I also don't always use soap, but clean with spring cleansing oil which has balancing properties for the skin and contains rose geranium which has an antifungal effect. If you want an effective oil that seems to inhibit bacteria, you can also mix your own with e.g. tea tree in an oil of your choice.

I wash with oil so as not to disturb the skin's natural and normal bacterial flora.

If you want to use soap, I want to highlight ours Hair soap with rosemary, which works to increase circulation and inhibit bacteria. It is super greasy and does not dry out the skin. A soap intended primarily for use in the hair, but it can of course be used on the whole body.

If I use deo, I of course use my own made, which is also available for you, for whom I now want to strike a blow. Our natural deodorants that are in cream form work great if you want a dry armpit.

They contain

  • Bicarbonate which is aluminium-free, which has a bactericidal effect and counteracts the smell of sweat
  • Potato flour to get a dry feeling in the armpit.

We have two different variants

  • Natural deo that is based on coconut oil, which also acts as a natural antibacterial and is suitable for those looking for a vegan-friendly alternative
  • Shea deo which is based on shea butter and beeswax and sesame oil, very caring for the skin in the armpit and can withstand higher temperatures than Natural deo without melting down.



Quick facts - topics you want to avoid

- Aluminum chlorohydrate

-Synthetic perfume



We recommend instead


I still want to highlight starting with organic deodorant during the summer

Many people find it easier to switch from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant during the summer.

Then you wear lighter clothes and the armpits are allowed to air more freely. Transitioning from an antiperspirant to organic deodorant takes time and is individual to each of us.

From experience I can tell you that my armpits were really clogged and it took me almost 2-3 months before I felt that this could be good, after half a year I was first at home with my organic deo. Today I would never use anything other than eco deos. My armpits and my whole body thank me for making that choice. It feels both nice and safe that I know today what my deo contains.
I really don't want to feed my body harmful toxins and chemicals. I don't want to be part of the human experiment.



Have you previously considered deo, have you perhaps tried aluminum-free deodorants and what do you think of them? Let me know and feel free to comment or ask your questions and I'll answer them. 💚


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